E-mails between ‘Bring Precious Home’ and ‘Cat Protection UK’

Bring Precious Home are questioning the practices of the volunteer network of Harvey’s Army. Cat’s have the legal right to roam in the UK. We have evidence of Harvey’s Army volunteers are, on a regular basis lifting healthy cats and not following the guidelines of Cats Protection UK. A healthy cat with a collar must have it replaced with a paper collar and advertised locally that the cat will be taken into protection.

This is what happened to Precious. She was missing and her family were actively looking for her. She was lifted from her own area and taken to a Cat Protection unit miles from her own home. A unit that her family did not contact because it was so far away from where Precious lived.


Dear Patrick

Thank you for your emails regarding Precious.

To clarify, we were approached by the Harvey’s Army animal charity to take in a stray cat, which is how Precious came into our care in February of this year. Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on the procedures which Harvey’s Army follows when a cat is found and if you are wanting further details please do contact them directly.

When Precious came into our care she was checked to see if she was microchipped, which unfortunately she wasn’t. As is the policy of Cats Protection, Precious was then advertised on the local branch’s website, social media sites and other rescue sites, for 14 days to see if an owner could be traced or if someone recognised her and could provide ownership details. The branch was not contacted at all and after the 14 days Precious was advertised for adoption and homed.

I can confirm that the branch followed Cats Protection’s policy correctly and the adoption of Precious to her new owners was done in good faith.

In cases such as these, while we have no legal powers to demand the cat is returned, we do try to mediate. Therefore, the new owners were asked if they would consider giving the cat back. They asked that they were given time to consider, however they decided to keep Precious.

Please be assured that we sympathise and understand how upsetting the sequence of events has been for the family. However, this is now a legal matter between the old and new owners for the courts to resolve; our hands are tied and we have no powers to compel the new owners to return Precious.

I would also respectfully ask that you do not contact our branch volunteers directly as you have been in recent days.

Kind regards,


Dear XXXX – Cats Protection,

There are still questions to be answered here and this does not get you off the hook.

The way Precious was brought to you MUST be a matter for concern and for you to dismiss this out of hand is preposterous. Precious was denied her Right to Roam and YOUR OWN procedures were not followed. And there are links between all parties concerned – from within and outside your organisation.

Deborah called Cats Protection to report her cat missing before Precious was taken to your care under these suspicious circumstances – THEREFORE the cat was in your system and it is a failing of your system that contributes to the outcome here.

The set up of “The Glasgow Branch” – run from a PO box, a gmail account and a non geographic number diverting to a mobile is to me – and outsider – incredulous – AND THEN to find out that GLASGOW BRANCH of CATS PROTECTION is merely a series of people homes with cat boxes in a organisation which turns over £300m donated funds per year causes me great concern – DEBORAH is one of these contributors to you and the way you have treated her and her Precious is deplorable. Glasgow is the third largest city in the UK – I fear for our cats – how many more of your branches are run this way?

Perhaps you should review your adoption policy to include the necessary powers to prevent future “legalese theft”.

To wash your hands of this is absolutely deplorable – I for one have lost all respect for your organisation.

I had a text and phone conversation with one of your branch volunteers – or was it coordinator – or is it manager of another branch under the employ of Cats Protection? – Another inconsistency. The calls were with the written permission from Deborah Cameron and the calls were amicable and friendly to try to work out a solution to this horrible situation. I am just one little person trying to help another human being in a horrible predicament – with no protection from a charity involved.

I will respectfully not contact said person again, but to call me out on it and at the same time show such flagrant disrespect to one of you own members is unforgiveable.

Patrick Walsh
A Concerned Citizen